Kalpana Lajmi - Writer and Director

The Third Eye – I was attracted to this coinage and title from the very outset. Vinta Nanda, one of my best buddies is the head of this maverick avant garde set up. She is Casper the friendly ghost and her young team are the ghostly trio – Shiv, Pratik and Hans.

The Third Eye ensconced between Lord Shiva’s eyebrows, on his forehead is usually viewed as the penultimate chakra to obtaining infinity. And yet simultaneously Lord Shiva when disturbed in his meditation opens his Third Eye and wreaks havoc and destruction spewing forth a righteous anger to maintain equilibrium in an evil world. I was amazed the same similarity with the organization, The Third Eye. It is teeming with Lord Shiva’s mysticism, integrity, righteousness, idealism, constructive anger, positivism and the spiritual energy to take on the might of all the evil they perceive exists in the world. Initially, when I joined them I was shy and timid. Would I fit and be accepted by these speedy, highly intellectual, brilliantly wise and energetic group of youngsters?

When I met them eight months ago, I was viewed by them warily as another adult belonging to Bollywood – stagnant, with an older generation mindset. But all that changed! The boys did not grow up, but I did!

I am completely bowled over by their world. I was introduced to experimental cinema, offbeat music and superb modern literature. I started enjoying their language, ‘dude’ ‘bro’ and ‘chill’. Suddenly I shed all my inhibitions. These youth, young enough to be my children drew me into their world as equals – and I loved the world seen through their third eye. And Vinta – tough, dynamic, dedicated, committed, innovative and a perfect team leader. She who has a plethora of great writing, television programs, documentaries and feature films has displayed exemplary courage. To walk away from the comfortable world of mainstream and to become the voice of the voiceless is sheer bravery in today’s highly materialistic world. Vinta has infused within all of us at The Third Eye, a long forgotten passion, honesty and stamina to go out there and bring about change for the betterment in the area of social development. She alternates between being loving, generous, kind and angry, tough and relentless – but never gives in.

Alongside we have Saddam Hussain, the office peon who prances and dances cheerfully feeding us with Maggie Noodles and Jim Jam Cookies. The Third Eye is my haven. It has woken within me, my long dormant desire to fight for justice for the down trodden for the underdog.

Cheers Third Eye – remember you belong to the great leveller of justice, Lord Shiva. You will never go wrong!

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